The Escape – Award Winner Best Animated Short | CGI Animation

This Short film CGI Animation, The Escape, takes place in the distant future after the invention of a teleportation device leading to another dimension. In The Escape, the heroin of this short film, Eliana, has stolen the device. With the police hot in pursuit behind her, she enters an alley attempting to get away, only to find herself at a dead end. Trapped with nowhere else to go, she has no choice but to use the stolen device. She pushes the button, closes her eyes and hopes for the best…..Where will The Escape lead her?

This award winning short film was directed by Andre Surya and has been awarded numerous prizes including:
– Best Shorts Competition USA
– Best Short Animation (Asian Film Award)
– Best Animation Renderyard Short Film Festival 2012

Andre Surya also directed Chrysalis, another short animation film using similar digital effects. Check it out here:

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