Split Decision (full movie)

“Split Decision” (Co starring Reek Da Villian,Byrdgang Shoota and Various artist)- A story about an inspiring rapper who is being backed financially by his older brother(a local drug dealer)who vows to keep his younger brother out of the streets,but all changes when his older brother is set up and murdered which leave Reek with no choice but to hit the streets to make some fast cash. Him and his crew decide to dress up like under cover cops and rob local drug dealers for their money and drugs. All goes well until they hit the wrong spot in which the tables turn and he’s force to seek revenge for his brother’s death while fighting for his freedom at the same time…[This film was created in 2012 written and directed by myself(DRIS) Produced by Emanuel Fineus & Co Produced by Illa World. The entire film was shot with a Cannon Mark III & Produced with a $0 budget. I’m looking foward to creating a spin of series in the near future stay tuned…..]

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