PYTHON Hollywood Horror Movie | Robert Englund, Casper Van Dien, Dana Barron | English Movies 2017

Watch PYTHON Hollywood Horror Movie | Robert Englund, Casper Van Dien, Dana Barron | English Movies 2017

The crew of a plane gets nervous when the cargo it is carrying starts making noises and shifting. When one of the crew opens the crate, the pilot hears screams from the back. Something attacks him, causing the plane to crash near a town called Ruby.[2] The cargo survives the crash and begins attacking Ruby citizens, starting with a lesbian couple camping in the woods.

At a swimming hole the next day, John Cooper (Rosanoff), his girlfriend Kristin (Barron), his best friend Tommy (Wheaton) and Tommy’s girlfriend Theresa (Mornell) find a pet Ball python belonging to one of the dead women, Lisa. Deputy Greg (Zabka) shows up, mentioning that Lisa is missing and takes the snake. Lisa’s body is found, appearing to have been corroded by acids. Greg suspects John since he works at a plant that employs acids. Complicating things, Greg is also Kristin’s ex-fiancée; she having left him when her first love came back to town.

Scientist Anton Rudolph (Englund) is talking with NSA Special Agent Parker (Van Dien), explaining that the cargo is an abnormally large reticulated python that has been genetically engineered in Southeast Asia, blending several species. In the words of Dr. Rudolph, it is, “a perfect killing machine, a 129 foot long all-terrain vehicle capable of speeds exceeding fifty miles an hour, with skin that can deflect an anti-tank round, enhanced night vision, and a voracious appetite for human flesh”. The NSA team plans an assault against the snake, hoping to kill it discreetly before it eats more people.

The snake kills a real estate agent (Williamson) and beheads the agent’s client (McCarthy). It leaves behind the client and the body of the other lesbian, Roberta Keeler. John enters as the snake leaves, furthering suspicion against him. The Sheriff shuts down his brother Brian’s plant, furthering the tensions between him and Brian. As John leaves the plant he runs into Greg’s car and his bike is damaged. They end up in a fist fight, mostly over Kristin, though they ultimately reconcile. When the body of the real estate agent is found with the same acid damage, the Sheriff orders John arrested. Kristin yells at Greg when they come to arrest John, but he says that he does not think John is the killer.

The NSA team and Rudolph arrive, telling the Sheriff a story about a psychotic rogue operative imprisoned in a military psychiatric unit who escaped and is committing the murders. He does not believe them, but goes back to the office and frees John. He, Kristin, Tommy, and Theresa plan to go on a trip the next morning.

The NSA set up base at a water treatment center. They use radar to find where the snake is likely to be, then have the police set up a perimeter to keep people out of the zone. Believing the snake to be sleeping, the team wastes most of its ammo on the snake’s shed skin. Agent Parker realizes the snake set them up using its skin as a decoy. The snake arrives and kills the team; only Rudolph survives after keeping himself standing perfectly still in front of the creature.

Theresa’s morning shower is interrupted by the snake. Though she is able to escape, the snake eats Tommy. Theresa drives away but the snake follows. It gets in front of her and rips the rear axle off, disabling the truck. She gets away again and hides in a crevice.

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