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https://youtu.be/_BJ5QrBOO1E – Polanski Unauthorized: Entire Movie, Documentary about the Director Roman Polanski, Full Length, English, Entire Feature Film, Drama Movie.

Polanski Unauthorized is a theatrically released biographical film about the life of film director Roman Polanski. It opened in Los Angeles in February 2009 and was released on DVD in July 2009.

The film was financed, written and directed by Chapa with him playing the part of the film’s main character. Having already done research on Polanski and becoming interested in the subject, Chapa cited an incident that gave him inspiration. He was in a coffee shop with some artists who were having an argument about Polanski with then expressing their different thoughts on him. He thought to himself that it was time for a biopic on such a controversial figure.

Director: Damian Chapa
Writers: Damian Chapa, Carlton Holder
Stars: Damian Chapa, Kevin De Ridder, Tom Druilhet

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