Pianist | 피아니스트 [2010 Drama Special / 2010.11.27]

[Drama Special : Pianist | 피아니스트]

– Cast : Choi Minho (SHINee), Han Jihye, Choi Pillip
– Synopsis : Insa Yoon is a poor substitute elementary school music teacher. Her life seems to be going nowhere. Her doctor boyfriend is not ready to marry her because his parents don’t approve of her. Her students look down on her and her contract for the next year is unlikely to be renewed, if she’s not fired first. Zero O is a piano repairman who lives with his uncle and mentally ill father. He turns out to be an extremely talented, self-taught piano player, but he doesn’t let other people listen to him play. When Insa discovers his talent, remembering her lost opportunity to become a professional pianist, she tries to find a good music teacher for him and in time they fall in love. Will their love blossom?

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