Oasis- Korean love story- English subtitles

Oasis could be considered a love story of a different kind. Two societal outcasts, a woman with cerebral palsy and a man with mental retardation find mutual comfort and a deepening attachment after one of the worst introductions to each other a man and woman could do.

Moon So-ri offers a superb portrayal of desperately lonely cerebral palsy sufferer Gong-ju. Sol Kyung-gu plays the sometimes maddening, sometimes sympathetic mental misfit Jong-du to perfection.

Directed by Lee Chang-dong, probably one of the best unknown and underrated movie makers of South Korea.

This film remains at the pleasure and whim of Lifesize Entertainment.

If you like stories along the lines of Oasis, you might enjoy a similar movie called Dirty Filthy Love. A British film about a man who suffers from Tourettes syndrome and his relationship with
a woman who cared for him. Yuval Kfir offers a fairly good copy on here.

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