Maza Pati Karodpati – Marathi Movie | Part 3 | Ashok Saraf, Sachin Pilgaonkar

SHAKU a sober but stubborn orphan, is living with her maternal uncle, a bachelor, In a slum. Her sole dream is to marry a millionaire. According to her, a girl gets only One chance to change her name and life, and that is after her marriage. Shakus uncle DAMODAR works as a cook for MR.LAXMIKANT KUBER, A renowned industrialist, whose son NAREN has just returned from abroad after Completing his studies. At a party thrown by Mr.Kuber for his sons homecoming, Naren while chatting with his friends, puts forward his views on marriage. His only condition is that he will marry a young widow, which is overheard by Shaku. With the help of TATYA MAZUMDAR Shaku posing as a young widow SAUDAMINI, enters the Kuber residence. With the help of theatrical antics, she soon wins over the hearts of Mrs.Kuber and Naren who ask her to live in the house. As days go by, Naren falls in love with her. Mr.Kuber asks Saudamini for her late husband’s photo. Again with the help of Tatya Mazumdar, Shaku shows him a photo of a military Captain, and tells his name as Capt. BAJIRAO RANGADE.LUKTUKE a clerk, works for DESHMUKH. He is in love with HEMA Mr.Deshmukhs daughter. Mr.Kuber asks for Hemas hand in marriage for his son . One day when Kuber visits Deshmukh in his office, he bumps into Luktuke, whom he recgnises as the Capt. In the photo, Bajirao Rangade. A plan begins to take shape in Kubers mind…For more details log on and subscribe to

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