LOVEJACKED (Romance, Full Movie, HD, Love, English Film, Comedy) romance movies full length free

LoveJacked (2017): Love Movie, HD, English, Comedy Movie, Adventure, Action Film, Romance Movie, Full Length, Love Story, Free Movie, Independent Film.

Director: Chad Chance
Stars: Chelsea Rae Bernier, Chad Chance, Ted Ferguson
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1 August 2017 (USA)
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Runtime 1h 31min

College students risk it all to expose a clandestine military project to weaponize love.

“Chad Chance (“himself?”) is a… college student? He lives in a house with a bunch of film and acting students, one of whom is making a “reality show” for her “blog.” But Chad is on the run from a shadowy government entity for whom he worked doing human experiments to develop “amoritropes”–love drugs to be used as biological weapons. While Chad posts his own “blogs” (wearing a Guy Fawkes mask) talking about the conspiracy to “weaponize love,” his housemates are planning to turn his information into profit. Ariel (Chelsea Rae Bernier) is going to make a perfume with love drugs, while Ace (Randy Jay Burrell) is planning to sell Chance’s “love cues” (basically pickup artist neurolinguistic programming) online. Back at the lab, Dr. X (Ted Ferguson) and his partner Dragon Lady (Elisse Nielson) continue the research with the help of hapless lab assistant Albert (Francis Lansang) and a spy in the midst of the housemates.

That’s about as much sense as I can make out of LoveJacked, which is one of the most incoherent narrative films I’ve ever seen. It plays out like raw footage on an editing timeline that makes sense to its editor alone. There’s a frame story in which Chad Chance is editing the film together for some reason, but everything that happens in the film seems pretty arbitrary. The form is baffling–big chunks of it seem to be intended to be “found footage,” but there’s never an explanation of who’s shooting anything. There’s hardly a shot that isn’t broken up by a sudden, pointless zoom-in or a full-screen color mask and/or cut to “computer stuff” (a glitch screen with big text reading “DELETE 100%” is a favorite). There are a few effective running jokes that seem to imply LoveJacked is supposed to be a comedy or a satire, but it’s mostly just confusing and what is being satirized is unclear.

One thing you have to give “Chad Chance” credit for, though: He cuts a mean trailer. As bizarre as the trailer makes the film look, though, it’s unfortunately just dull.” Review written by -Jason Coffman via

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