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https://youtu.be/BCTR7YAlU24 – Legendary AD (2016): Entire Feature Film, English, HD, Full Movie, Free Documentary, Watch Movies Online, Full Length Documentation, Original Language.

This is the untold story of those unsung heroes behind the scenes of your favorite blockbusters, the brave men and women who run each production like a well-oiled machine. Find out what it takes to be the brains behind the talent as more than 20 film veterans share inspirational tales from the front lines of legendary Hollywood films, providing sage advice and wisdom for moviegoers and would-be filmmakers alike!

What does “Star Wars”, “the Godfather”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Batman”, “Inception”, “Saving Private Ryan” and “Pulp Fiction” have in common? Simple: Amazing First Assistant Directors. They are the experts on set that allow the director to focus on his job while keeping the movie machine moving forward. These AD’s have collected countless stories from the legendary films we have always dream about. These inspirational film veterans have the best advice that a Film-Maker will never be able to learn in film school. A legendary Documentary from the mouth’s of the ones that ran the sets on legendary movies.

Learning from the experiences of others is a great way to learn any vocation but it’s mandatory in filmmaking. Making great films is an art but it’s also an industry and as with any industry there are nuts and bolts that have to be put together to produce a finished product. Legendary AD is a documentary that explores the art and the manufacturing of movies through the experiences of Assistant Directors that took words from scripts, played them out in reality,and captured them on camera. There is tremendous insight to be gained from the recounting of how these AD’s crafted some of the most entertaining movies ever made. It’s really a remarkable documentary. In the spirit of full disclosure, I was an Associate Producer and backer of the project but that should tell you how much I believe in the film and it’s importance to the history of filmmaking as well as it being an invaluable resource and teaching tool for film students and future legendary filmmakers.

Director: Leonardo Corbucci
Writer: Leonardo Corbucci
Stars: Arthur Anderson, Burt Bluestein, William Paul Clark
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 14 May 2016 (USA)

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