Hip Hop 2000 the Movie: Too $hort, Ice-T, Dolemite, Xzibit

Hip Hop 2000: Join The Revolution-Movie/Documentary
Hip Hop 2000 follows the life of J-Dub(Desi Arnez Hines ll, Boyz N the Hood, Harlem Nights), a young underground rapper with a chip on his shoulder about the politics surrounding Hip Hop music. Determined to get paid from his new hit single “Paper Chasin” (performed by D-Miraculus and produced by N.syte of The Scheme), J-Dub ignores record label contracts and turns the master over to T-Hun(Troy Hunter), a street hustler turned record store owner. When the mp3 single goes platinum on the internet, T-Hun disappears with the money. J-Dub, feeling pimped and ready to kill or die, stalks the streets of Los Angeles in search of his cash. The Legendary Dolemite(Rudy Ray Moore) narrates this compelling story to its life or death finish. Accompanied by explosive interviews with Ice-T, Too $hort/Too Short, The Scheme and many others. Hip Hop 2000 strips the glamour off the rap game and exposes how the internet will turn the industry into a hustlers paradise.

Also featuring:
Black Silver
Phunky Dialect(2000 Crows)
Ant Banks
Mac Mall
Rappin’ 4-Tay

Grand Rap Scheme aka The Scheme appear courtesy of Tilted Brim Records. Nich Neon, N.syte, Max Skorpio, Hashan Phenom, Saga45, Diction Miraculus, Sidartha BlackHeart and Xplicit the Unforgiven(Original members of Grand Rap Scheme).

I do not own the rights to this video.
property of Delta Entertainment, The Cut Entertainment, A Digital Park Pictures Production of a Will Anderson Film.

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