Gravity Forms

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NDFILMZ accepts submissions of completed films to be considered for distribution on our channel and for domestic and/or international distribution. Submitted projects must be original material created for theatrical, direct-to-DVD or pay/cable/free television markets and should have a running time greater than 15 minutes. NDFILMZ does not review adult films or script submission.

SUBMISSION PROCESS Should you be interested in submitting your project, please complete the form below and someone from our team will be in contact with you in less than three business days.

Disclaimer: Neither submission of your project to NDFILMZ nor anything contained herein shall in any way obligate NDFILMZ to utilize the project or to distribute, exhibit, advertise, produce or exploit the project. If your film does not meet our criteria, you will be notified via email. All submissions are destroyed once an acquisition determination is made.


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