Gay Feature Film – ‘Dutch Courage’ (2008)

When the lives of three individuals, who frequent the same local bar, seem like they have reached the height of emotional turmoil, drowning their sorrows with alcohol looks like the only quick fix and solution to some extreme problems. Paul has to leave his wife and kids to discover that he has feelings for the same sex. Which comes to fruition after an encounter with a Dutch musician. Raj, an over-worked dentist in a disastrous relationship with an American gold digger, also comes to terms with the fact that he allows himself to be used and abused and finally plucks up the courage to rectify this familiar pattern after he starts to develop feelings for Suzanne, the other regular drinker found in the local obliterating her demons!
A slightly surreal, theatrical and heart-warming drama with twists of satire – shot in London 2008 and re-edited by Nearly There Films in 2012. Tracks written and performed by ‘Mazie’s Wake’ and The Cracked at :

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