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Kings of Horror presents: Frankie in Blunderland

Everyone hates Frank. Especially his wife Katie and his best friend Tommy Spioch, who asked to crash on their couch 2 years ago and never left. Tommy spends most of his time lusting after Katie who seems to hate him just as much as she hates Frank. The only things Katie does like are boxed wine, knitting and Mexican soap operas. Frank’s existence is stupid. After two possibly accidental homicides, two kidnappings and a visit from a remarkably well-hung talking butterfly (played by adult film legend Evan Stone) Frank embarks on an Odyssey-like quest to find Katie, and along the way encounters a gang of misfits. A prophetic Hobo named Freddy, a Mormon Alien, several angry service industry professionals, the sexiest robot and most beautiful spider you ever did see, a puppet-child and the LEAST threatening gang of thugs you’ve ever met consisting of Mucous, Sponge and a guy named Mike West, who is the only person on the planet who people seem to hate more than Frankie.

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