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Kings of Horror presents: Fist of the Vampire

In 1977 a family is murdered in cold blood. The case goes unsolved for decades and remains a mystery. Enter the present day, detective Lee Southward (Brian Anthony) is sent on assignment to infiltrate an illegal underground fighting tournament and bring down the organizers. Lee battles his way to the top of the tournaments in an attempt to bring in the organizers. As Lee draws closer, he begins to piece together clues that lead him to the case closed decades ago. However there is a problem: The organizers (led by Professional Wrestling superstar Blue Meanie & erotic cinema icon Darian Caine) are of the undead and crave human blood! Lee must fight his way through all the sex, drugs, and violence of the underworld while trying to piece together evidence with the help of an undercover officer (Cheyenne King) and find a way to stop the undead!

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