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Double Booked is a taut psychological thriller from Canadian director Neil Webb. The film will be released on October 22nd, 2015 for free at Just in time for Halloween, the release of this exciting film will provide audiences with an exhilarating ride that will keep them guessing until the final frame.

The film tells the story of how, several months after a scarring event, a tight-knit group of friends are taken captive while on vacation at a cabin by a seemingly normal couple. After days of being subjected to sleep deprivation and mental torture, the group must desperately try to discover the motivation of their captors before they’re taken out one by one.

The film was shot in British Columbia and Alberta and features not only the beautiful landscapes of Western Canada but also features a cast and crew comprised wholly of talented Canadians from pre-production through to post. The film screened at three film festivals including the Action on film International Film Festival in Los Angeles and also picked up three nominations at the 2014 Alberta Film and Television Awards including Best Dramatic Production.

The filmmakers set out to prove that within the framework of a horror movie, they could deliver a complex character study that would be full of emotional depth and that would dig into substantive, intelligent subject matter. They endeavored to tell a story that would make audiences think, pack an emotional punch, keep everyone on the edge of their seats for 97 minutes, have some awesome/shocking twists, and ultimately deliver a film that would be extremely fun and entertaining.

On October 22, 2015 the film will be available for all to see at so audiences can see for themselves whether or not the Canadian based filmmakers have succeeded in their efforts.

Also included on the site will be an audio commentary featuring co-writer/director Neil Webb alongside actors Scott Reid and Ali Webb. Listen in to this ‘Film Companion’ to hear some crazy stories about:
– How the team filmed 90 pages of script in 7.5 days on a micro budget
– How two movie fanatics (who are also engineers) collaborated to reverse engineer and create the horror film they always wanted to see
– How a bear wandered onto the set mid take
– As well some ridiculous, fun, exciting tales from the filming process that film buffs will definitely get a kick out of.

It is the fate of far too many independent films to screen at a few festivals and to have a few public screenings perhaps, and then never see the light of day, which is certainly not the objective of the filmmakers from the outset. In an attempt to avoid this fate, Double Booked will be available to watch, at no cost, on the film’s site. This will also allow the filmmakers to be able to share this small film with as wide of an audience as possible.

In this day and age, where the amount of content available to viewers is at an all time high, it seems a bit bold to charge a fee of $5, $10, or $20 to watch/own an independent film for, what is essentially, the equivalent cost of a full month’s Netflix subscription charge. The filmmakers do however have the utmost confidence that they have indeed made a great independent film, and if audiences feel as though the film has contributed in some way to their lives, an online “Tip Jar” has been added where people can throw in a few bucks if they feel so inclined, and if not, they have at least had the opportunity to watch a film they might not otherwise see, and in so doing, are supporting Canadian independent cinema.

For more information, check out the film’s website at And if you have the desire to view the film before Thursday’s release, you can check it out at the not yet public page:

Cabin – Psychological Thriller – Twists – Sleep Deprivation – F***ing Good Time

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