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Kings of Horror presents: DeadTime

British-based Goth/Metal band “Love Meets Murder” were on the hot list for last year. Their first LP was hailed as a genre-defining classic; local heroes made good, bringing metal back to its roots. On a wave of celebration, excess and the joyous cacophony of massive guitar riffs, they signed to one of the biggest record companies in the world. Then it all went tits up. The original fans hated their new sound as they went too commercial and the supposedly world-record-beating second LP flopped. The movie begins as Jimmy, the group’s manager, has to meet with a slimy record company boss to beg for a reprieve, and on a blind dog’s chance, the band arrives at the studio the next day to utilise ‘dead time’; a weekend over which there are no other bands booked into the place. They all go, with only their girlfriends for company, to be locked into the rundown old studio in the Black Country and left there until they emerge on Monday morning with an incredible song and video recorded. As the band arrives at the studio, tensions between them boil over and Jimmy has to break up a fight between Pete, the drummer and Mike, the bass player. This powder keg of personalities is further muddied by the arrival of Julia, a hooker who has been hired by Nigel, the artily pretentious video shoot director, to spice things up a little. As the shooting is almost done, the band’s fortunes seem to be on the rise again and they party in the studio’s green room, until Julia’s naked body is found stabbed in the most violent of ways, on the floor of the film set. The band are more than a little freaked out, but choose to make the best of their last chance to be famous and stay to finish the recording. As the tracks are put down, and video sequences filmed, dark secrets start to emerge and a series of grisly murders, each more depraved than the last, turns the whole enterprise into a grim battle for survival.

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