COME OUT AND PLAY – Amateur Independent Homemade Horror Feature Film – 2012

“Come Out and Play” is an independent feature horror film directed and written by 16 year old, James Ehle.

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CAMERA: Canon Vixia HF R300


When a small town catches wind of a mysterious disappearance of a young girl, the whole town seems to be a little on edge. A group of rowdy teens seems to disregard the entire thing, even though some concern is shown by one of the more quiet girls, Andrea(Alexis Deckard). Stacey Fulkerson (Monica Neeb) is hosting a party and everyone’s invited. Melvin (Glen Axthelm), a nerdy guest at the party sees a newscast about the death of a friend, Chuck (Patrick McMahon). From that point on the teens have to fight to save their lives. They all will Come Out and Play, but who will survive the night?

Directed By: James Ehle
Written By: James Ehle

Andrea – Alexis Deckard
Erica – Erica Faunce
Dorothy – Barbara Mounce
Melvin – Glen Axthelm
Stacey – Monica Neeb
Hank – Randy Faunce
Scott – Ron Dellacca
Natalie – Makayla Bratton
Jennifer – Emily Kiefer
Mary – Alisa Schwartz
Chuck – Patrick McMahon
Jamie – Austin Roberts
Tommy – Alec Moeller
Wesley – Mason Lane
Reese – Emily Brauchle
Chase – Cody Coovert
Maddie – Krystal Garner
Newswoman – Jamie Hittle
Drew – Olivia Oberneder
Beth – Andrea Hittle
Cassie – Kyleigh Hittle
1950s Horror Girl – Hanna Holden
Jim – Dan Norman
Background – Abbigail Norman

© 2012 – Maximum Vision Entertainment
Film by: James Ehle

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