BENEATH (2014) | Horror Film

This is Acro-Kolepsi Pictures’ low budget independent horror film #Beneath. The movie was shot by company founder and manager David Hollands in May of 2007, and a first version of the film was completed in 2010. It was officially released to YouTube for the first time in 2014, and is now presented here in its final edition at a frame rate of 24fps and upscaled to 1080p HD.

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Source Format: MiniDV tape

“Paul is plagued by horrifying visions of a malevolent entity. He discovers that a supernatural force in his home is negatively affecting his housemates. Slowly, this force influences him and his friends to turn against each other, and even murder one another. Paul must discover the entity’s true nature before it consumes them all. Is it ghostly? Demonic? Or worse… does it come from within?”

David Hollands

David Hollands

Brent Baines
Colin Maheu

Curtis Perry

Masha Nikolic

Alex Josselyn
Colin Maheu
Brent Baines
Lindsay St. Germain



Acro-Kolepsi Pictures was founded when a very young David Hollands wanted to create a company name for the opening credits of his and his friend’s early home movies. David was fond of making up nonsense words and phrases at the time, and when Acro-Kolepsi emerged from his lips, he loved the sound of it immediately. The name, born of childishness, remains to this day.

Overall, Acro-Kolepsi Pictures produces short films, feature-length movies, and online videos (informational or skit). David Hollands also works as a freelance videographer and editor.

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