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Aftermath (2012): Free Movie, Full Length, Zombie Apocalypse Movie, Horror Story, American Movie, Action, Adventure Film, Independent Film, Horror Movie.

Runtime: 1h 45 min
Action, Horror
Director: Robert Thompson (as Robert J. Thompson II)
Writers: Logan Ray, J.R.S. Storch
Stars: Brandon Benz, Rachel Bougher, Geoff Briley

The Apocalypse has happened. “Aftermath” is the story of those who have survived. But their nightmare has only begun. In a world where the infected kill and eat the living, how much time does anyone really have? A World where the living may still prove to be more dangerous than the dead? Witness what happens when the World you know ends, and the next chapter, begins.

I used to love me a good zombie movie. I really did. But thanks to Walking Dead, I have to watch a new one every d*mn day. I mean it, every day. And I really mean that I have to watch them…because I AM ADDICTED TO ZOMBIES AND CANNOT STOP!! AMC has started a plague…and it isn’t zombies…it’s watching all zombie movies. The world is hooked.

So anyway, this movie is about a fighter (who is of course a black guy and I think supposed to be played gay, it never says), a l*sbian or something, and some other people. There are zombies. S**t goes down. You’ve seen it before, but this was the first time it called itself “Aftermath”, so I gotta give it credit for that.

I really don’t get this age of schizophrenic films. Stick to the genre. It tries to be action sometimes. Well that didn’t work for big budget trash like World War Z or James Gunn’s Dawn of the Dead (I’m looking at YOU ZACH SNYDER YOU RUINER OF CHILDHOODS). It needs to be horror. It needs the scares. I got neither. At least Walking Dead has good characters. This just has a black guy.

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